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Knowing Your Numbers Isn't Enough...

February 27, 2017

In the world of commercial, middle market and corporate banking, top producers can spout their numbers off with the drop of a hat.  They know their portfolio's revenue numbers, new client names added, fee's generated, new loan/deposit generation and any other metric used to measure their performance.  But knowing those numbers and spitting them out during an interview may not be the most effective way to convey to that potential employer how effective you could really be for them.  When prepping candidates for interviews, we like to have those candidates put some thought into HOW they were able to generate great numbers.  The HOW is what really grabs the hiring authority's attention, leaves a lasting impression and separates you from the other bankers interviewing for the same role.  We like for our candidates to have 3-4 examples ready to share discussing how they uncovered the opportunity or which center of influence they used, how many calls or meetings were needed to close the business (take them on a trip through your sales cycle), any obstacles needed to overcome to close the business, the net income or revenue to bank resulting from the closed business, and lastly, after closing this business, were you able to capture any referrals.  The next time you are in an interview and someone asks you about your numbers, instead of spitting them out, try this:  "That is a great question.  May I give you an example?"  Happy interviewing!