Our Process

In today’s talent war, the winners take all — or at least most — of the marketshare. Investing in top executives is the most critical decision for every firm, especially in the current financial climate.  Leadership and vision are paramount to leverage a company’s strengths and navigate fast-paced change. We find and deliver executives who will make a difference.

Our process is precise, customizable and focused on the client.  We start with a deep dive on our client’s current hiring needs so we can fully understand how we can best serve them.  After our analysis is completed, we follow these steps:

• Evaluate the project

• Co-create a recruiting plan

• Present a fee schedule that fits the client’s needs

• Identify target candidates for the opening(s)

• Co-create a script highlighting the benefits our clients present to the candidate pool

• Assess driving force behind each candidate’s interest 

• Thoroughly qualify each candidate through multiple interviews

• Create a short list of candidates highlighting why each would fit the opening(s)

• Coach and prepare our client for each interview so they are aware of each candidate’s hot buttons and motivations

• Prepare our candidates prior to each interview 

• Debrief both our clients and candidates and get prompt feedback to each

• Assist the client with presenting an offer to selected candidate and close candidate on offer to ensure acceptance

• Prepare and coach the candidate for resignation and counter-offer scenarios

• Assist both candidate and client with on-boarding and follow up



We have been in the commercial banking and private wealth executive search and talent hunting business for over a decade and have formed deep networks with top talent nationally.  Our track record includes successful placement of the following job titles, roles, etc:

  • Commercial Banking Executive Leaders and Producers calling on companies ranging in annual revenues from as low as $5 million up to $5 billion
    • These bankers have been defined as Community Bankers, Commercial Lenders, Relationship Managers, Business Development Officers, Market Presidents, Team Leaders, CEO's, Bank Presidents, Chief Lending Officers
    • The verticals these bankers are found in have been called Community, Commercial, Lower Middle Market, Middle Market, Upper Middle Market, and Corporate
  • Private Wealth Executive Leadership and Producers targeting clients $1 million and above
    • These include investment advisors, fiduciary officers, wealth planners, private bankers and senior relationships and private client advisors.

Our firm has also developed a niche in the ability to perform Team Lift Outs for banks wishing to make an immediate impact to a new or existing market through the addition of a market president/market leader and bankers with existing contacts/centers of influence and portfolio in those markets.