Hiring the Perfect Private Client Advisor for UHNW Investors

Hiring the Perfect Private Client Advisor for UHNW Investors

Working with UHNW investors is a coveted opportunity. However, these investors are not always what they seem on the surface. They’re not necessarily the jet-setting tech moguls portrayed in the media. In fact, the majority of them are seasoned professionals, often past the age of 60, who’ve amassed their wealth through consistent improvement and gains.

So, when they do decide to let someone in to advise them on their hard-earned wealth, it’s not a decision they take lightly. If you’re aiming to attract these HNW investors, how do you ensure you hire the right private client advisor? Let’s delve in.

  1. Understand the Demographics:

First and foremost, understand that the typical HNW individual isn’t always the flashy entrepreneur. With sixty percent being over the age of 60 and only a quarter being self-employed, your advisor needs to be someone who understands and respects the traditional and consistent journey of wealth accumulation.

Here’s some more information on why UHNW investors switched advisors:

  • 28% said the previous advisor’s inability to support client’s changing financial circumstances
  • 27% said the desire for access to different products and services
  • 22% said improved digital capabilities
  1. Value Trust Above All:

For HNW investors, trust is paramount. Since a third of these investors have never worked with an advisor and those that do often come via referrals, building and maintaining trust is crucial. Hiring advisors with impeccable track records, strong references, and a history of long-term client relationships can be a good start.

  1. Emphasize Soft Skills:

While technical knowledge is essential, soft skills like empathy, patience, and excellent communication are invaluable. Given the age demographic, an advisor who can connect, understand, and address the concerns of older clients will be more successful. This involves not just understanding their financial goals, but also life goals, legacy aspirations, and even health or family considerations.

  1. Offer Comprehensive Services:

UHNW investors often require a range of services – from estate planning to tax optimization. An ideal advisor should either be well-versed in these or have a robust network of specialists they can collaborate with.

  1. Demonstrate Long-Term Thinking:

UHNW individuals did not accumulate their wealth overnight. They appreciate and gravitate towards long-term, sustainable strategies over high-risk, high-reward schemes. Hiring advisors who prioritize long-term growth, stability, and consistent returns can be more appealing to this clientele.


Attracting UHNW investors requires a blend of the right technical expertise and interpersonal skills. Remember, it’s not just about managing their wealth; it’s about understanding their life’s journey, respecting the discipline with which they’ve amassed their assets, and guiding them towards their future aspirations. With the right private client advisor, this doesn’t just become a business relationship, but a lifelong partnership. Contact us to learn more.


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