Strategies to Retain Your Most Qualified Commercial Bankers

Strategies to Retain Your Most Qualified Commercial Bankers

Multi-faceted challenges and demands of commercial banking have changed the industry. Employers have discovered that a generous salary isn’t enough to seal the deal when recruiting top talent.

Today, commercial banker candidates want more than a paycheck; they want to be part of a team where they can have flexibility and growth. Employees have lives outside of work, and even the best hires face personal challenges beyond their workday. Emotions, health, and even finances can stress employees, preventing them from performing at their peak.

Compensation that stays at the top of the curve may be appreciated, but hires are looking for more. They want benefits that will help them achieve their personal goals. If you can look at the holistic picture and provide benefits that help employees overcome stress, you’ll put your organization at the forefront.

Candidates will be eager to interview with you.

Creating the type of environment commercial bankers want

Taking a job and establishing a career differ from each other. If your organization seeks to fill positions, your candidates won’t be engaged in the work. They have little commitment to your organization’s goals, and they’re likely to move on when the grass seems greener at the next bank that’s hiring.

To attract (or retain) the type of candidate that will make a difference in your organization, you must first create a difference in the employee’s life. To do this,

  • Discover what motivates the candidates you interview, extrinsically and intrinsically. In the interview, ask, “What helps you succeed?’
  • Be intentional about diversity and inclusion by interviewing people with different backgrounds and perspectives.
  • Paint the vision. Show candidates how your mission and vision come to life each day, especially in the candidate’s department.
  • Develop a hiring plan. Include more than salary ranges by considering what benefits you can add to the package. Can you provide a Health Savings Account option or assistance applying for loans?

When you’re ready to make a human difference, candidates from other organizations will want to be a part of your team.

Where to find the most qualified commercial bankers

Top-performing candidates in commercial banking aren’t searching for work. Your competitors have already hired them. They’re even rewarding these outstanding employees with great perks. Out-perking the competition isn’t enough.

The best way to reach your future employees and offer them genuine support is through a professional recruiting agency that can act as a liaison between you and the candidate.

Today’s top talent wants to know that they have an advocate in their corner. A professional recruiter who knows your story is the best person to make sure candidates know what an advocate you are for their success.

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