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How Private Wealth Professionals Can Grow Their Business

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Jeremy Anderson, President of The Anderson Search, Featured in Manage HR Magazine, Empowering Banks and Private Wealth Firms with Elite Talent

“The war for talent” has been a buzzword since the 1990s, demonstrating how demanding it is for business-small or enterprise-level-to find, recruit, and retain talent.

Things haven’t changed much since then, especially in the financial industry. With the “Great Resignation,” “turnover tsunami” and a recession on the horizon, the war for talent is now more intense than ever, highlighting the need to re-examine and enhance businesses’ approach to survive and thrive. Read More

How Private Wealth Professionals Can Grow Their Business

Markets spurred AUM growth for professionals over recent years, but with a downturn, financial professionals need effective strategies for winning new clients and new assets if they’re going to grow. But what are the key factors that can help you achieve this goal?

There are several critical success factors that can help ensure business growth in the private wealth industry. Read More

Hiring Great People Remains a Priority for Commercial Banks in Challenging Times

As the banking industry braces for a potential recession in 2023, many wonder which sectors are at risk for reduction and which are hiring. In 2022, mortgage lending bore more of the
right-sizing burden than other banking sectors due to dwindling demand caused by steadily jacked interest rates from the Federal Reserve. However, as banks prepare for what’s next, they may look to early movers for clues. Read More

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“Let me preface my comments by saying I owned and managed my own recruiting firm in the past. Jeremy is the best, most professional and honest recruiter I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Most recruiters only want a trade and could not care less about the fit between the recruit and the firm. Most recruiters feed you names on the one hand and try to recruit away your people with the other. This is not the way Jeremy does business. I have reason to believe that I can and will do substantially more business with Jeremy in the very near future.”

“Jeremy presented a number of qualified candidates for our consideration. The overall quality of such candidates tended to be far superior to those offered by other staffing professionals in similar, past situations. Jeremy was an excellent partner during all phases of the process.”

“Jeremy assisted our Bank in recruiting some of the most talented bankers in the Dallas market. He has an executive database that is far above the rest. Jeremy’s professionalism and follow-through make him one of my go-to guys as we continue to grow our staff. Highly recommended!”


“I would definitely recommend Jeremy and his team to others. He made the whole interviewing process so easy for me and continually kept me updated on what was going on the whole time, which can be very stressful when you are looking for a job change.”

“Jeremy contacted me about an opportunity. He was amazingly service oriented with constant contact and support. In all my years of dealing with recruiters, Jeremy surpasses all. He was available, aiding both the company seeking an employee and me as someone interested in different pursuits.”

“Jeremy did a very good job of interpreting who I was professionally and what I was looking for in a new position. His coaching was invaluable throughout the entire process from interview to hire. I was very impressed with Jeremy’s professionalism, coaching and his enthusiasm. He effectively matched me with what I believe to be my best opportunity to enhance my career. I have already recommended Jeremy to several others.”

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Meeting the Hiring Needs
of a Multi-Billion Dollar Client

Within a period of only 30 days from the initiation of the search process, a decisive action was taken that fulfilled the
client and candidate’s requirements while leaving all parties involved with a satisfactory outcome.

The Anderson Search Group successfully presented a strong pool of top-tier candidates for the client’s consideration. Their dedication to providing exceptional service and achieving high levels of satisfaction from all parties involved. Thanks to the Anderson Search Group’s efforts, the client was able to make an informed hiring decision and secure the services of a highly qualified candidate. Read More

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What are competitive salaries in
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To assist Commercial Banking and Private Wealth institutions in remaining competitive and current, The Anderson Search Group has produced this guide, which aids employers in evaluating their compensation rates and implementing adjustments to enhance both retention and hiring efforts.

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