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Can Your Bank’s Private Wealth Management Division Spot Great Talent?

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The war for elite talent in commercial banking and private wealth divisions within banks continues to rage on. This candidate driven market has driven compensation demands up higher than we have seen in recent years. Banks are now finding themselves in situations where they are having to pay more for talent with less experience than desired. We are also seeing clients having to get very creative with benefits and guaranteed bonuses to attract talent away from their current institutions. To identify, qualify, and deliver the top talent with the ability to make an immediate impact with your organization, banks need the bandwidth to cast a wider net and touch more candidates than ever before.

Jeremy Anderson | President & CEO

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Can Your Bank’s Private
Wealth Management Division
Spot Great Talent?

Banks now have private wealth management divisions to better serve their high-net-worth clients and provide them with the personalized attention they require. This industry continues to expand. According to Ibis World, as of 2023, 88,302 people are employed in private banking services. This number is expected to grow in the future. In today’s competitive market, it’s more important than ever for commercial and private banking groups to find and hire the best talent…

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Why a Great Commercial Bank Relationship Manager is Critical for Your Bank’s Success

Your bank can achieve greater success with the right commercial bank relationship manager. An experienced RM is essential for any commercial bank looking to maximize client retention, increase lead generation, and ensure overall customer satisfaction. RMs can provide customized solutions for clients, help with risk monitoring, and get more people in the door. Let’s explore why an excellent relationship manager is so important.

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Denver Based Senior Healthcare Lending Executive – Open to relocation

  • 20+ years healthcare lending experience

  • Rare combination of stellar credit skills and business development ability

  • Specific experience with large senior housing complexes, acute care facilities, medical device companies, behavioral health facilities, and HMO’s. In the six years he was with previous bank, he soured and funded over $850 million in new loans and grew the total portfolio to over $1.9 billion in commitments

  • Territory was Missouri River to the West Coast. Average deal $67 million

Dallas Based Middle Market C&I Lender

  • Formal credit training and 10+ underwriting and portfolio management experience

  • 8 years calling in the middle market in Dallas with companies over $50 million in annual revenue

  • Averages size C&I deals are $10 – $12 million

  • Past months as sourced over $85 million in loans – all 100% self sourced with own COI’s

  • Portfolio generating over $800k in annual revenue

Philadelphia Based Private Banker

  • 7+ years private wealth experience – 2 in investment banking and 5 in private high-net-worth lending

  • Portfolio of 200 HNW households, self sourced over 100 of those relationships

  • Current book generating over $1 million in revenue

  • Average size client is $2 million to $10 million net worth

  • 2022: generated over $45 million in new loans

  • 2022: finished the year $80 million over deposit goal

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  • Vice President Credit and Underwriting for $2 billion REIT, Tampa, FL – Engaged Search

  • Senior Vice President Commercial Lending for $1 billion community bank, Uvalde, TX – Engaged Search

  • Market President Oklahoma City for $35 billion super community bank, Oklahoma City, OK – Engaged Search

  • Senior Vice President Middle Market Lending for $160 billion super regional bank, Kansas City, MO – Engaged Search

  • Senior Vice President Wealth Advisor for $160 billion trust company, Washington D.C. – Exclusive Search

  • Senior Vice President Private Banker for $85 billion super regional bank, Dallas, TX – Exclusive Search

  • Chief Investment Officer for $27 billion super community bank, Little Rock, AR – Exclusive Search

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Interview with Chief Executive Officer
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Tell us about the hiring situation at First State Bank of Uvalde and what prompted you to reach out to The Anderson Search Group?

“We were needing a seasoned/experienced lender, that could carry a current book as well as help us grow the bank. Being in a non-metropolitan market and being the dominant bank in the area we needed help getting a lender from outside our market. That is why we chose The Anderson Search Group.” Read More

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