The Benefits of Taking Time Away from Work

The Benefits of Taking Time Away from Work

Commercial bankers and private client advisors are constantly busy. Whether it’s helping clients with their financial needs or managing complex portfolios, the work you do can be rewarding but also draining. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that you take the time to rest and recharge.

According to Recharge Harvard, “The ability to rest and recharge is an important part of our health and wellbeing, and time away from work is critical to reducing symptoms of burnout.”

Let’s take a look at the many benefits of taking some time off.

The Power of Rest

It’s well-known that taking a vacation helps reduce stress levels, giving us an opportunity to step back from our daily tasks and relax. Vacation also provides us with a chance to reflect on our accomplishments throughout the year and plan for what we want out of next year. But taking regular days off isn’t just beneficial for your mental health; it can also have physical benefits as well.

Studies have shown that regular breaks can help improve your focus when you return to work, allowing you to be more productive and efficient with your tasks.

Finding Time for Self-Care

We all know how hard it can be to make time for ourselves in between client meetings and deadlines, but self-care is essential if we want to keep up our productivity levels over the long term.

Whether it’s carving out a few hours for yourself each week or planning a longer trip away from work, taking the time to relax will help you stay energized and focused on your goals in the future.

Here are some easy ways you can incorporate self-care into your routine:

  • Take walks during lunchtime or after work (if possible)
  • Make time for leisure activities like reading or hobbies
  • Go on vacation if possible – even a one-day trip can make all the difference
  • Prioritize sleep – getting enough restful sleep is essential for your wellbeing
  • Disconnect from technology whenever possible – unplugging from devices gives us more room for creativity
  • Practice mindfulness – meditation or yoga can help clear your mind when life gets hectic


Commercial bankers and private client advisors don’t often get much time away from their desks – but they should! Taking regular breaks not only reduces stress levels but also helps restore energy levels which will allow them to stay focused on their goals in the long run. With careful planning, commercial bankers and private client advisors alike can easily incorporate self-care into their routines without sacrificing too much of their valuable working hours. So go ahead – take some time off! You deserve it!

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Time to Take a Break!