VHNW Individuals More Likely to Use a Commercial Bank than UHNW; Here’s How to Prospect Them

VHNW Individuals More Likely to Use a Commercial Bank than UHNW; Here’s How to Prospect Them

Private bankers are turning their attention to a burgeoning segment: the Very High Net Worth (VHNW) individuals.  

With changing dynamics in wealth distribution and a shift in attitudes towards financial management, this cohort presents a unique opportunity for bankers to tap into a lucrative market.  

Let’s delve into why VHNW individuals are opting for commercial banking services over traditional wealth management, and explore effective strategies for prospecting them. 

Understanding the Shift in Wealth Dynamics 

Globally, the number of High Net Worth (HNW) individuals is on the rise, creating a distinct stratification within this segment. The VHNW tier, comprising individuals with a net wealth ranging from $5 million to $30 million, is emerging as a pivotal group for commercial banks.  

Unlike their Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) counterparts, VHNW individuals often prefer commercial banking services, presenting a prime opportunity for bankers to capitalize on this growing market. 

Why VHNW Individuals Opt for Commercial Banking 

Contrary to expectations, many VHNW individuals, although possessing considerable wealth, choose to manage their finances through commercial banks rather than wealth managers or family offices. This preference stems from several factors: 

  1. Youthful Demographics: VHNW individuals are typically younger, with a significant portion in their thirties. Their age demographic aligns well with the digital era, making them more inclined towards modern banking solutions offered by commercial banks. 
  1. Self-made Wealth: Similar to their UHNW peers, VHNW individuals often accumulate wealth through entrepreneurial endeavors or business ventures. However, their preference for commercial banking suggests a desire for more hands-on financial management, rather than delegating it entirely to wealth managers. 
  1. Digital Engagement: VHNW individuals are highly digitally engaged, providing private bankers with ample opportunities for targeted marketing and outreach. Leveraging digital channels can effectively reach this demographic and cultivate meaningful relationships. 
  1. Accessibility: Unlike UHNW individuals who are shielded by layers of gatekeepers, VHNW individuals are more accessible to direct outreach. This accessibility allows bankers to establish early and personalized relationships, laying the groundwork for long-term engagement. 

Prospecting Strategies for VHNW Individuals 

To effectively prospect VHNW individuals, private bankers should adopt tailored strategies that resonate with this demographic: 

  1. Personalized Outreach: Given their accessibility, personalized outreach is key to capturing the attention of VHNW individuals. Demonstrating a genuine understanding of their financial needs and aspirations can foster trust and loyalty. 
  1. Digital Marketing: Utilize a diverse mix of digital channels to engage with VHNW individuals. From social media campaigns to targeted email marketing, leveraging digital platforms can enhance visibility and brand recognition. 
  1. Gateway Experiences: Create gateway experiences that appeal to the aspirational nature of VHNW individuals. Whether through exclusive events or tailored financial services, providing value-added experiences can pave the way for deeper engagement and brand loyalty. 
  1. Focus on Long-Term Relationships: Recognize the future potential of VHNW individuals to ascend to the UHNW tier. Investing in long-term relationships and cultivating brand loyalty can yield significant dividends as these prospects continue to accumulate wealth. 


Targeting VHNW individuals presents a strategic advantage. Their preference for commercial banking services, coupled with their accessibility and digital engagement, makes them an ideal demographic for prospecting. By implementing personalized outreach strategies and focusing on long-term relationship building, private bankers can effectively tap into this lucrative market segment and drive sustainable growth for their organizations.  

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