What Distinguishes Top-level Private Bankers from the Rest?

What Distinguishes Top-level Private Bankers from the Rest?

Recent data has shown that $84 trillion in wealth will transition by the end of 2045. To help with managing all this wealth, private bankers provide personalized banking and financial services to high-net-worth individuals (HNWI).

The top private bankers leverage the expertise of their research team to analyze market trends, identify investment opportunities, and provide insightful recommendations to their clients.

These customized investment solutions are tailored to each client’s specific financial goals, risk tolerance, and investment preferences. In addition to investment strategy, private bankers are also responsible for delivering high-quality customer service. As such, private banking is an ideal option for those seeking to provide a personalized approach to finances and unparalleled access to current financial insights and solutions.

But what factors distinguish top-level private bankers from others? Let’s explore.

Strong Networking Skills

Finding new clients and maintaining existing clients is essentially the bread and butter of private bankers. Maintaining a flourishing client base is not easy, but it sets top private bankers apart from the average bankers.

Private bankers have connections with high-net-worth clients. Finding new clients through referrals is one of the leading ways to acquire new clients.

Top performers also actively form new connections with partners who deal with high-net-worth clients. For example, lawyers, accountants, hedge funds, and trust services. Through this business partnership, top-level private bankers gain access to wealthy clients.

Connected to Other Finance Professionals

Private banks act as a mediator between lenders and depositors. Top-level private bankers utilize internal networks, including financial centers, wealth advisors, and commercial bankers, to generate business.

In addition to generating loans and deposits, internal networks can be valuable for cross-selling and upselling. By working closely with internal entities, bankers can identify opportunities to offer additional products and services to clients, such as wealth management solutions, investment advice, or insurance products.

Formal Credit Training

To understand the complexities and nuances of managing large credit portfolios, formal credit training is essential for bankers who manage portfolios for high-net-worth individuals.

Such training provides a strong foundation for understanding the credit risk assessment process such as analysis of the creditworthiness of clients, assessing the value of collateral, and identifying potential risks and mitigating factors.

Focusing on ING’s “big six” capabilities (customer experience, data fluency, leadership, nonfinancial-risk management, cybersecurity, and operations management) to stay relevant is also beneficial for private wealth organizations to set themselves apart from their competition.

Business Development Experience

Top bankers demonstrate at least 3-5 years of business development experience with a focus on wealthy clients with a net worth exceeding $1 million. Dealing with such types of clientele requires a particular set of skills and knowledge, which shapes a private banker into a skilled professional.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Entrepreneurs demonstrate a willingness to take risks, identify opportunities, and take decisive action to capitalize on them.

For private bankers to set themselves apart, a mindset shift from passivity to proactivity is required. Breaking the boundaries and exploring new avenues of growth and opportunity for their clients and banks can open doors to success.


As with any profession, demonstrating the willingness to grow and take risks is important to grow a business. Top-level private bankers know that the secret to success in their profession lies in adopting various winning strategies. Top bankers expand their networks to create an influx of new clients, while simultaneously maintaining their existing client base.

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What Distinguishes Top-level Private Bankers