What to Do When Your Job Search Stalls

What to Do When Your Job Search Stalls

Looking for a job is a huge task, and when your job search stalls, the winds pushing your sail disappear, leaving you feeling stranded.

According to Forbes, “It’s the results you are generating that are more indicative of the health of your job search, not necessarily the length. Whether you have been job searching for one month or one year, a stale job search can quickly derail your momentum and dampen your excitement about the opportunities that lie ahead.”

As soon as you feel the slack in your sail, it’s time to take action and renew your job hunt efforts in a big way.

5 Tips to use when your job search stalls

You’ve probably let your family and social networks know that you’re looking for work. Don’t stop there. Spread the word as widely as possible among new acquaintances, too. Then try these five tips for improving your chances of finding your next job:

  1. Revamp your resume. This critical document shouldn’t be a compendium of everything you’ve ever done. Keep your resume fresh, simple and short. Show the strength of your accomplishments by using numbers, show off your people skills, and have the courage to include one signature color.
  2. Showcase yourself on a website. Include a few favorite quotes, pictures, and a short bio. Having a web presence can reveal a lot about who you are.
  3. Tell some stories. The cover letter is the perfect spot to share an anecdote about your interest in private wealth firm employment.
  4. Change your search keywords. If the words you’re searching bring up empty nets, try changing the keywords to something more general or more specific. For example, try searching for skills instead of job titles: e.g., “ability to explain credit concepts job opening ” instead of “Private Client Mortgage Advisor.”
  5. Use a Private Wealth Management or Commercial Bank recruiter specializing in your arena. Since they have the experience and network to make a difference, you may find that they can connect you more quickly to the opportunities awaiting you.

Other factors affecting your job search

Even if your resume looks great, your website captures the essence of who you are, and all of your friends are helping with the search, other factors could be limiting your success.

Like everything else, private wealth management and commercial banking have “hot” seasons when they hire. Take advantage of the timing. When the hiring season is over, work on your branding. Your recruiter may even help you revise your personal brand to make your experience and skills more attractive to the industry.

When your job search stalls, don’t spend the time floating adrift. Take note of the change in wind directions, adjust your sail, and get going again.

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