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Commercial Bank Bonus Time!!!!

February 6, 2017

As I type this, there are commercial, middle market and corporate bankers across the country with new jobs waiting for them as soon as they receive their bonuses in the next few weeks and their managers have absolutely no idea.  If you are a senior commercial banking executive, a senior producer leaving your organization can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars not just in replacing that person, but the potential churn of clients eventually following this banker to the bank he or she goes to, could cost millions of dollars in lost revenue.  Our firm can now offer clients a way to predict and prevent losing their top producers.  This workforce intelligence solution uses a patented machine learning technology harnessing your firm’s existing data sources to create real time behavioral models with extreme accuracy and predict your greatest flight risks.  If you would like to know which bankers are at risk of leaving and intervene versus having a resignation letter handed to you the day after bonuses are directly deposited, contact us to learn more or click this link: Workforce Intelligence Platform