• How Digital Fluency is Impacting Commercial Banking Industry

    Over the past decade, the banking industry has made tremendous strides in establishing secure and convenient technology solutions like online and mobile banking, chip technology, and touchless banking platforms. In 2020, as the global economy faced unprecedented challenges, the industry got a significant push to accelerate its investments in digital [...]

  • How the Pandemic Impacted Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) Individuals

    Ultra-high net worth individuals experienced significant loss due to the COVID pandemic. Reports that billionaires added profits to their holdings may be partially accurate, but overall, many lost wealth. The cost to them has been estimated at more than $100 billion. Attacked on several fronts, including health and wealth, these [...]

  • Why Planning for Succession is a Must for Ultra High Net Worth Individuals

    We’ve learned a lot from the COVID pandemic. The disease can strike anyone, and the hour of death is uncertain. Family dynamics can change in an instant. As a result, many people have reoriented their priorities by redefining work-life balance. For others, it’s putting family first to insulate them from [...]

  • Successful Private Client Advisors Are Rearranging Priorities

    The times are changing for successful private client advisors. Winning at work has taken a back seat to design the work-life balance you want to live. Private Client Advisor notes, "Quality time with family and socializing with friends is more of a priority. Having a healthy and comfortable home environment is [...]

  • Best Practices for High-Net-Worth Private Client Advisors

    High-net-worth Private Client Advisors bring exceptional expertise to the financial table. However, unless you prospect for clients, no one will realize the value you can provide to estate panning and complex investment strategies. Finding, attracting, and maintaining a solid professional relationship with new wealthy clients requires a strategy based on [...]

  • To Diversify Your Community Banking Workforce, Diversify Your Thinking

    There's a saying that if you continue to do what you've always done, you'll end up with what you've always had. Nothing will change. Failure to adapt and change can be the end of an organization. Community banking is witnessing the end of an era. The traditional university-to-banking pipeline has [...]

  • Commercial Banks Struggle with Staffing Amid Pandemic

    The talent pipeline for commercial banks isn’t drying up. It’s gone home. If you’ve tried to fill open positions recently, you may have noticed that you’re not only competing for the most highly qualified candidates. You’re also competing for the most innovative and flexible work arrangements for your employees. You’re [...]

  • Turnover Tsunami Expected to Hit Commercial Banking Divisions – Here’s How to Prepare

    Commercial banking divisions may find themselves hitting some turbulence in mid-2022 when retaining their leaders and top producers. Nearly 50% of the workforce may turn over, and an exit this large could leave commercial lending divisions with multiple critical positions open by the summer. During the pandemic, employees have been [...]

  • How to Keep Your Top Private Wealth People in a Hot Market?

    Private wealth divisions within banks and organizations can't find people to fill the job openings. With so many jobs left hanging on the line, it seems that everyone is hiring, but no one is willing to get hired. This makes it all the more important to take care of your [...]

  • Commercial Banking Groups Are Bracing Themselves for Boomer Resignation Wave

    They’re leaving, and commercial banking groups are feeling their absence. Thanks to the pandemic arriving simultaneously with their potential retirement, baby boomers have opted to leave the workforce in large numbers. In 2020, the number of retirees nationwide grew by 3.2 million, for 28.6 million workers. Banks have always had [...]

  • The Benefits of Taking Time Away from Work

    It’s well-known that taking a vacation helps reduce stress levels, giving us an opportunity to step back from our daily tasks and relax.

  • Stop Getting Your Offers Declined by Private Client Advisor Candidates

    Most private wealth candidates focus on two critical elements for their job success: time and relationships. Private client advisors understand the need for timely investments and time in the market. Because they work with their wealth management team investors and clients to create asset wealth, these advisors manage time and [...]